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Kamena Vourla Sea and Mountain
Kamena Vourla Beach
Kamena Vourla Mountain
Kamena Vourla Sea

Between Sea and Mountain Kamena Vourla is the ideal Vacation place

Kamena Vourla is an important holiday destination in Greece, combining a cosmopolitan atmosphere, superb beaches, thermal baths and Spa and exiting mountain walks.

Kamena Vourla at night

Kamena Vourla

The town of Kamena Vourla (known as Thronion in Homeric times) is situated at the foot of Mount Knimis at the southeast end of the Maliakos Gulf and developed from 1939 when Read more...


Spa and Springs

Kamena Vourla thermal springs are classified by specialists as the most important in Greece and generally in Europe. The springs were created from the geological transformations of the Maliakos Gulf Read more...

Monastery of Metamorfosis

Monastery of Metamorfosis

Four kilometers away from Kamena Vourla, in the heart of mount Knimis,at an altitude of 310m, lies the Monastery of Metamorfossis tou Sotiros (the Saviour’s Transfiguration). The original foundation Read more...

Isabella Beach

Beaches in Kamena Vourla

All along the coast of Kamena Vourla the water is clean and swimming is permitted. There are organized beaches, which provide all the comforts and also many sections that are not organized, but ideal for swimming. Read more...

Asproneri beach

Asproneri Beach

Three kilometers away from Hotel Violetta towards Agios Konstandinos is the organized beach Asproneri (White water) with views to the Northern Gulf of Evia, the Maliakos Gulf and to Lichadonisia. Read more...



The historic site of Thermopyles is a mountain pass between north and south Greece. The area has taken its name from the nearby hot water springs. The pass leads from Locrida to Thessaly, Read more...


Lichadonisia Beach

In front of Kamena Vourla, on the western side of Northern Evia, lies Lichadonisia, a complex of small islands which locals call the "Greek Seychelles" and are an ecologically protected area, once inhabited by a few Read more...

Mt Kallidromon

Mount Kallidromon

Mount Knimis, that casts its shadow upon the town of Kamena Vourla, is an ideal destination for nature lovers, hikers, mountain-bikers and mountain climbers, with walking paths full of trees and Read more...

Mendenitsa Castle

Mendenitsa Castle

The picturesque village of Mendenitsa is buried in the green landscape of Mount Kallidromos, with an amazing view and a special cultural character. Its medieval castle is one of the most important and best preserved of its kind. Read more...

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