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Walks in mount Kallidromon

Hiking in Mount Kallidromon
Lake Paliosouvala
The village of Karya
Mountain bikes in Kallidromon
Mountain bikes in Kallidromon
Kanyioning in Mega Rema
Altar of Heracles

Mount Knimis, that casts its shadow upon the town of Kamena Vourla, is an ideal destination for nature lovers, hikers, mountain-bikers and mountain climbers, with walking paths full of trees and gushing waters. Mount Knimis is a part of mount Kallidromon.

For more information and maps on Knimis trails, please visit Wikiloc

Mega Rema of Knimis
This is an ideal place for downhill, with gushing waters, natural slides and abutments. Canyoning schools, mountain guides, and individual groups, visit Mega Rema for its magic nature, intermediate difficulty and lovely view over Agios Konstantinos.

Paths of Karya
Parallel to Mega Rema lies the path to the Aeras (air) mountain peak (811m.), witch starts from the small church of Agia Paraskevi (200m.) and traverses the the beautiful pine forest. For hikers and mountain bikers, the common route is the drive up to Vrisi Karyas, in order to start the walk up to the mountain trail from there. The picturesque village of Karya is a suitable place of rest and dinning in a small taverna.

Lake Paliosouvala
A bit further in mount Kallidromo, this lake is a wetland with a plethora of vegetation and fauna. There are two routes for the lake. Starting from the beautiful vilage of Anavra Molou, a dirt road from the camping lodge heads towards the small sanctuaries of Agio Pneuma (Holy Sirit) and Panagia (Virgin Mary) and after 8km reaches Paliosouvala. The second route, starts from Mendenitsa on the dirt road towards the monastery of Agia Triada and is 7.5km long.

The path of Ephialtes
This historic trail is located on Mount Kallidromo, and is the path used by the traitor Ephialtes during the battle of Thermopylae in 480 BC, to guide the elite corps of Persians in the rear of Leonidas' Spartans. The Anopaia Path, as it is called, invites lovers of nature, history, myth and culture to explore the heart of this epic trail.

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