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Monastery of Metamorfosis

Overview of the Monastery
Monastery Yard
Monastery Chapel
Monastery Chapel
View from the Monastery

Four kilometers away from Kamena Vourla, in the heart of mount Knimis,at an altitude of 310m, lies the Monastery of Metamorfossis tou Sotiros (the Saviour’s Transfiguration).

The original foundation of the monastery is estimated to be on the 7th AD century. The central temple is a 12th century building of Byzantine architecture, well worth visiting. In the 16th century,after a catastrophe, it was rebuilt as a three-aisled basilica. Today’s wall paintings date from the period 1730-1760 and are of great religious, cultural and aesthetic interest. The 17th century Gospel with Byzantine double-collumn scripts, is also an important relic that can be found in the Monastery nowadays.

The view from the Monastery’s balcony towards Kamena Vourla and the Maliakos Gulf is unique, .pleasing to the eye and the frequent object of stunning photography. The Monastery of the Saviour’s Transfiguration is open all year long to visitors as well as pilgrims.

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